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Our Work

At Edge line Analytics we're in the business of creating results that make a difference. 

Customer Experience Analytics
Flights information on modern departures board in airport terminal..jpg
Enhancing customer experience at NYC area airports

In partnership with a major strategy firm, develop data insights and report on enhancing customer experience for airport passengers

  • Analyze 7+ data sources and over 500,000 different data points to see correlations between the data points

  • Utilize data analytics warehouse to house disparate data sets

  • Develop Microsoft PowerBI dashboards to streamline the data integration process.

  • Develop effective plans on how flight times (delays/cancellations) impact the experience of the aviation passengers

  • Provided tangible action items to c-suite on targeted improvements

  • Delivers rapid data insights for real-time decision making

  • Improve customer experience at airports

  • Impactful executive reporting capabilities for short and long term planning

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