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At Edge line Analytics we're in the business of creating results that make a difference. 

Financial Analytics
Stock Market Down
Deliver analytics driven financial reporting transformation

To build a data analytics ecosystem and data centric culture across a large department at a public sector org

  • Designed and implemented an enhanced strategy to manage spending, budgets and reporting

  • Developed more than 8 enterprise dashboards to tracks consultant charges and annual budgets across functional groups

  • Designed and developed end to end solution architecture for Engineering Financial Dashboards

  • Designed and developed Engineering Analytics Data Mart (database, data schemes, etc.)

  • Developed data streams from multiple systems (more than 6) to bring in data assets (Budget, Forecast, Actuals, Resource Utilization)

  • Developed QA/QC processes in Data Mart to highlight and resolve data inconsistencies across multiple systems


  • New streamlined process to manage budget and spending

  • Process improvements based on comments and requirements 

  • Greater and real time visibility into spending patterns 

  • Spending forecasts

Team Lead: 





Maheen Khan

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